Saturday, 31 July 2010

The meaning of a dog

I was stopped by a woman today in the street whilst walking to the park with milo. She chuckled at milo's dwarfed frame - a reaction very tipical to us dachshund owners- but then she commented "those dogs are useless"

Useless? Why? Because I bought a dachshund to do the shooing for me? Or babysit? Or go to work and earn me money? What a Druid and ignorant comment to make perhaps milo like many other pets is useless to this idiot because he can't chase and attack a ball or cannot bite humans. Or perhaps he is useless because he can't act as my bodyguard. Well here is news to this woman and any other likeibded ignorant Londoner out there who would rather buy a dog to make them look tough of because they can't afford a home security system! I love milo unconditionally and he loves me too! He is my best four legged friend and never judges me. What he brings to me only other true dog owners will come close to realising.

He serves no purpose in my life but to be there with me and share our family love and affection

There is no such thing as a useless dog!

What does your dog mean to you? Leave me your comments and thoughts too!


  1. What a stupid woman. I'd have slipped a warm poop bag into her handbag.

    Our Wilhelm is our baby. Quite literally. We lost our real one and can't have anymore so he means the absolute world to us and we ♥ him. We don't want a fierce dog, a guard dog, a gun dog, a hairy dog or a long country walk dog - we wanted a little dog with a big personality and a sweet nature - he's all those things so he's perfect for us.

  2. That was really horrid of that lady to say! How dare she! Milo is your pet to be loved and for you also to be loved back, I don't get it, what doe she expect?!!

  3. Hi Lisa, firstly I'd like to say a big thank you for organising the Dachshunds in London days out, they are truly great fun days out for both my Dachshund Cookie and me. I can't imagine that a large group of any other breed would be so interesting to view socialising together! Secondly that you are not on your own in receiving crude comments about your little sausage. I have had many snide remarks about Cookie and although they have enraged me I have to say that rationally I think that the people who say such hurtful comments have yet to learn about uncinditional love! Cookie is my everything, since I got her I have become her mother and she my daughter. She has her own little personality (Quite a big one actually) and continously helps me through the tough times, she senses when something is wrong and also when I'm unwell. I expect nothing from her but she is my constant form of love and as small as she is if possible I know she would give her life for me! But as you mentioned in your blog I too bought her with no expectations of security or other such nonsense people acquire a pooch for. I have met Milo and he like all other Dachshunds are so funny and full of character. I can't expect all humans to join me in praise for my little long bodied short legged canine but like any cutting comment aimed at someone you love unconditionally, I wish people would understand the hurt they impose and think before they speak!


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