Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A day at the races

It was the Ascot of the canine world but without the bets and with much more pazazzz! or should I say PAWzazzz!

The last official race day of 2010 until next spring but the turn out was phenomenal with almost 50 dogs wagging, frolockling and competing - dachshunds in London's greatest meet to date!

Crowds gathered as the club paraded in fancy dress costumes - many hand made for the occasion and camera were rolling for the SKY 1 DOGumentary airing this autumn!

The dogs raced in two separate heats and winners were awarded with dog spa prizes and home baked bone treats!

At the end of the racing the dachshunds gathered for a spot of sausage eating under the bandstand and rain coats and umbrellas began to appear!

Despite it raining 'cats and dachshunds' the group still battled towards the end until many got too wet to enjoy anymore...

Dachshunds in London official photographer, Yulia Titovets

Thanks to everyone who made it on Sunday!

Lisa & Milo x

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  1. How do you enter these things? My Gertie would love this!


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