Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dachshunds that know how to keep warm


Congratulations Joanna Statham's little Daks

We asked dachshunds in London members to show us how their dogs were keeping warm over the sub zero tempretures this winter and some of you have proven to the world that dachshunds can beat the cold!

We have had a flurry of wonderful snap shots of some of the cutest and cheekiest snaps of Milo's friends donning hats, coats and of course (in their favourite hiding place) under the blanket.

Choosing a winner has not been easy but we think Joanna Statham's little Daks sums up winter for dachshunds quite neatly. There is nothing that beats a nice fluffy duvet day on those long wintery nights... well done Daks and keep borrowing!

In second place is Rambo and third Louise's Milo!

Here is Daks with the other two favourites and our runners up. Well done everyone! and Merry Christmas!


Louise Young's Milo getting ready for Siberian weather


Zoe's Rambo, and you thought that Husky's could only bear the cold hey? you were wrong!


Lucy's Minnie and Monty "Are you seriously considering a walk in this weather mum"?

Louise Rawlinson's Pipi and Fudge having a quite lie in

Helga's Duke: "Can someone please tell those feet to move there's only room for one dachshund in here"!

Catherine's Scooby: "Did someone say cup of tea and Corrie?"

Ruiha's Couscous: "I dont feel well today just 5 more minutes"

Maria's Africa: "Oh I thought this was the casting for the RSPCA winter appeal, sorry"

Jaclyn's Nate all cosy, now where is the cat and the mouse from the 90s advert?

Sally's Herbery and Lyla demonstrating the art of spooning - the doggy way

Lucy's Betty Lou in dream land, ah bliss!

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  1. Haha Yeah! I didn't know what i was getting myself into! My feet and legs are never ever cold now! My lil cuddle bug is always hiding in the blankets. And if I move I always hear that muffled little protest moan followed by a big dramatic sigh. I don't care my little pup rescued me from the dark place that is PTSD. I'll never be able to repay her for that!


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