Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why do dachshunds roll in poo?

The rolling police is out Milo!

The question remains... and something I have shared with many fellow dachshund owners and which I've been pondering on lately is dachshunds rolling in poo. I'm telling you its bugging me now.  On our last meet Milo decided to find the smelliest patch of grass (which undoubtedly was covered in something or someone's poo) and rub his back on it. By that point its too late to venture any closer than a few metres without gagging at the smell not to mention the embarrassment of the journey home ahead of me on the Piccadilly Line. If someone has the answer to why this occurs please I urge you to come forth now!

Every trip to the park, the wilder the better, is met with the event of rolling in various excrements, be it doggy doo doo, fox droppings and anything remotely gross! Milo has recently taken to sniffing out half dead insect carcasses lying in the ground, worms and bees are a sure favourite - eau de poo! ummm nice one Milo!

Apparently some say dogs like to rub other animal scent on them to claim territory? by wearing the  smell of another dog they create a type of camouflage which protects them from attach, since they are predators when they are on the walk (not on their own territory). 

If humans did that we would be running around rubbing our backs with toilet brushes or flushing our heads down the neighbours toilet to make sure they don't attack us! Mind you it would ward off anyone coming close to you if there was a civil war wouldn't it?

Has your dachshund rolled in something disgusting lately, share the tail with us! and if you have the answer tell!

Happy Friday! 



  1. Thank God, my dog does not roll in poo but she has this habit of eating her poo. Is this normal?

  2. My male daxi does ALL of the above and more. My female never does any of this. To prevent rolling in poo, the key is to observe him. There is always a 1-2 second warning, when he sniffs something and then starts to turn his head/shoulder to one side, ready for the roll. Seven times out of 10 I can grab him and stop him.

    Regarding eating its own poo, I have never experienced this, despite seeing him eating anything else from foxe's diarrhoea (like chocolate ice cream) to twiggs and poisonous berries.

  3. Dogs will be dogs! I wonder what we can say about the eating bit? Milo has done that before and I'm sorry to say my toddler's nappies had to be thrown away instantly when Milo was around.


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