Monday, 2 April 2012

Happy Easter WIN London Pooch card set!

Another gorgeous day in London and a picture I borrowed from my favourite blog The Long and Short of it all.  

Before we consume our entire body weight equivalent of chocolate, we thought we would run a fun competition to win some gorgeous pooch cards made by Joy.  

To enter simply tell us in the comment box below why your dachshund is better than an Easter egg in no more than 50 words. Competition ends this Friday 6 April.  Our favourite response will be chosen and notified on the blog and via email.

Good luck! 



  1. Our dachshunds are better than any Easter eggs... as when I've eaten an egg it's gone, but our dachshunds make us happy for life!

  2. Our dachshunds are better than Easter eggs because when did an Easter egg bark, wagg it's tail like crazy and cover you in kisses, just because it was pleased to see you return after just 10 minutes?

  3. My dachshund, Annie, is better than any Easter egg because no matter how long my day has been or how the people in that day have behaved, she is thrilled the minute I walk through the door.

  4. Are you crazy? Easter eggs are better!

  5. Betsy is better than an easter egg as she is our own little chunky choc with 4 mini chocs inside whom we can't wait to meet in a few weeks time xxxx

  6. Great Ernie! laughing out load xx great comments but it has to be Teffi for me. Thank you. Teffi please email me your address and details so that we can send your prize! thank you everyone for your comments


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