Friday, 6 July 2012

How brave is your dachshund?

Guest post by Barbarajo dachshund in London member from Kingston, who owns 14 year old Suki (pictured here) and walks regularly in Richmond Park.

"My dog Suki will be 14 on 3rd August. Can I hope she is just middle-aged? Her lovely smooth black & tan coat is now a lovely black & grey.

But she is still strong and bossy with a big-dog bark and big attitude.   She is a no-nonsence dog, not cuddly, but she lets me know when something is appreciated and is a great tail-wagger.   She knows the time of day, likes her routine, food, sleep (under a blanket on her sofa) loves her walks and lying in the sun.   Always with her ball.  I am grateful to her for the walks without which I wouldn't get the exercise and get to know some wonderful parks and new doggy friends. I live in a lower-ground floor flat (basement) but it has a lovely big garden reached by steps, so Suki is frequently up and down.

My garden is surrounded by trhe neighbours gardens and although not the countryside, there is the frequent visits of foxes and I'm sure other wild animals.  Access to the garden for Suki is through a locked 6" of open aliding window and I like to think this access will not attract other animals

She is very territorial and aware of this. Sometimes she will bound off her sofa, race out through the window barking all the way to the end of the garden and keep up the barking for a minute or two, presumably seeing off some unwelcome visitor.  I am really glad she is like this as, so far, that is for 4 years we have been living there, there have not been any unwelcome visitors.

I read somewhere not long ago, that the oldest dog ever was a 23 yr old Dachshund.   I would love to hear from anybody whose dachshund is ageing and compare notes.

The other day I read a letter from somebody in The Times who had 2 dachshunds when they were living abroad and once when they were out camping and hyenas were creating a noise outside, the dogs rushed out and attacked them yet returned unharmed, and another time both dogs went missing when the land flooded only to be found at different times days and weeks later.   They returned to England and lived to "a ripe old age" Are these dogs tough or what?

I would love to hear of any other acts of bravery by dachshunds.

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