Friday, 7 June 2013

Bertie's birthday walk for Mayhew

Happy Birthday Bertie! 

dachshunds in London member Julie and her 1 year old (today!) wire haired Bertie will be braving a 5km sponsored walk on Sunday at Hyde Park in aid of Mayhew Animal Home.

To sponsor Bertie visit

Members wishing to join Bertie on the walk can visit via the mayhew animal trust website for £10 that includes a free t-shirt; for adults sadly not the dogs! all finishers will get a medal and a certficate!

Good luck little Bertie - 5km is a long way when you weigh less than 5kg and are only 8 inches tall from front paw to shoulder!

Read all about his big adventure on his just giving page


  1. He's so adorable!!! Good luck Bertie!!

  2. thank you! bertie is currently resting ahead of his big walk later today! he's never walked that far before as he is a mini wire and only 8 inches high from front paw to top shoulder. But he is a robust and determined little fellow so we are confident he'll make it to the finish and be a good advert for all dacchies! Thanks for the support, bertie and julie x


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