Saturday, 6 November 2010

In memory of Lola....

Lola, 6 November 2007 - 13th October 2010

A special tribute to our little dachshund in London, Lola who will be missed...

By Laura Henderson

You wouldn’t think you could pack a lot of memories into 3 short years, but girl did you managed to do just that. We had a lot of great weekends away and days out with you (and Monty) and I will always remember those, but what will stick out in my memory are the special moments we shared. And those are what I will miss the most.

I will miss your playfulness…

How you loved to roll over so I could pet your soft belly, and you’d bring your little paws up, as if joined in prayer, underneath your chin.

How you would tuck your head in between my legs when I knelt on the rug and let me rub your back while you scratched your ears.

How you squeaked with excitement when you ran down our stairs.

How you loved to snuggle in your little sleeping bag and den.

How you loved to run.

I will miss your attitude…

How you were always so polite around food.

Your indifference at going out to pee in the rain (as opposed to Monty’s absolute refusal).

Your noisy barking at anyone unknown who came to our door.

The fact you would not let anyone sniff your bum bum other than Monty (you prude J ).

Your small body which housed such a huge personality.

I will miss your love for me and Dad…

How you adorned me with the softest kisses every day of your life.

How you’d follow me everywhere around the house (and to the end of the earth).

The crazy wolf-call you made when Dad and I returned from work, happy to know we were all together again.

How excited you got about doing everything with us; walking, driving, holidays, biking.

How you’d look at me like I was the only person in the world.

I will miss your love for Monty…

How you two used to run around the house after one another after a bath until you were dry.

How you used to always beat him to the ball

How you cuddled and licked him in the car (and everywhere else).

How you mothered him.

I will miss bedtime…

How you used to cuddle in between my legs at night, curled up like a little doughnut.

How you used to come up the outside of the bed (so as not to disturb anyone else) and lay your tiny head on my arm.

How you more recently slept with your head on the pillow between me and Dad, like a little human.

How you would smell in the morning, all warm and gorgeous.

I will miss You…

The softness of your ears.

Your wee bum wiggling in front of me when we were out walking.

Your little eyes peering up at me from the ground when you wanted picked up onto the bed/sofa, because you were too small to jump up yourself.

Or your little face as you jumped up at the front of the couch/bed with your little paws barely over the top, looking at me to lift you up.

Your big long tongue that almost touched the ground when you panted.

The little birthmark (black spots) on your belly.

How you were always so excited to see me.

How a wag of your tail spoke a thousand words.

Your first time in the snow.

Your cuddles.

Your intense gaze.

Your funny left ear.

Most of all, I will miss that noise. I never captured it on film but it was the most beautiful sound in the world. The one you would make when you settled your head on my lap. A little sigh, like you were the most contented dog in the world. That, I will miss the most.

Me, your Daddy and Monty love you Sweetheart. And we will never forget you. xxx


  1. So moving Laura....a lovely way to sum up your special years with Lola. RIP little one runfree to rainbow bridge. Hugs Helga

  2. this is just beautiful reading... it sums up what Dachies are, that sigh when having cuddles,I am so sorry for your loss Lola has made such a difference to your life in the years she came into your life
    what precious memories

  3. A lovely tribute to a wonderful friend. So many of your thoughts remind me of how I feel about Nutkin. A lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Thinking of you.


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