Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Milo meets Noah Huntley

On Tuesday, Milo and I were busy at Regents Park shooting a fashion editorial with actor Noah Huntley who played Will in Holby City and also starred 28 Days Later and first The Chronicles of Narnia movie!

The photo shoot was for a spring issue of Fantastic Man magazine. It took place in one of Milo's favourite parks, Regents Park and David and Niki, part of the production team, looked after us very well.

Like most of his club members from D.I.L Milo didnt enjoy the duck weather so he came sporting his bright yellow raincoat, which, after 20 minutes of refusing to move from the living room floor at home, he decided wasnt bad at all because it kept him dry for a few hours.

What have you been doing lately with your dachshund? Has your dog been the star of something recently? Send us an email x


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