Thursday, 17 January 2013

Celebrity Tatler Alan Dachshund dies in tragic accident

Everyone was horrified to hear about poor little Alan, Tatler's very own office pup. This freak accident could have happened to anyone. 

Alan, who was often pictured asleep at a desk, was listed online as “Office Manager at @TatlerUK byday, The Badger Hunter by night”.

The dog had become a firm favourite in the world of women’s magazines, fashion and PR for its regular photographs and commentary about life as Tatler’s favourite pet. Fans included Rosie Fortescue, an actress who features in Made in Chelsea and called Alan her “ideal man”, and Jo Elvin, the editor of Glamour, who called the dog a “dreamboat”. (Telegraph link)

Our heartfelt condolences go out to owner Jennifer George. 

Bringing pet dogs to work can reduce stress levels and Alan naturally played a huge part in bringing a huge smile to everyone's faces.

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