Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year and a new home for Fritz

Great news, Fritz, whom was published on the blog last November was happily ensconced in a new home in time for Xmas! 

Maureen (his previous owner) informs me he has already made lots of new friends both human and four legged...

Well done Maureen and thank you everyone for your attention.

Lisa & Milo 

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  1. hi,,im a new dachshund owner,,,my baby girl now nearly 7 months old,,, she's my world,, and my two staffies too,,, but i feel she's missing company of her breed,, has seen on the once in a blue moon another daxi,, im desperate to find another ,, same age more or less as my girl,,, but i'm wanting to go down the rescue route this time ,,not that i can't afford another puppy,, but i'd rather give a very well loved home to a rescue one <3.... can you help of any in need or no of?


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